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Pirio, leading the retro trend

2019/01/19 16:18
With the domestic UR, McCawlin and other brands known as fast fashion, the brand of Nuggets apparel emerging markets. Chinese businessmen with a sharp business vision have already discovered this treasure, and UQ quickly aimed at the "virgin" of fashion bags.
The world's leading fashion forecasting and trend analysis agency - WGSN UK commented on the future potential of fast fashion: the fashion industry entering the 21st century is undergoing a quiet and profound change, defining "fast fashion" as a fashion industry. A 20-year trend.。
In recent years, China's fashion industry has developed rapidly, and the speed of change in fashion consumption of Chinese urban residents is fast in the world. Two years ago, Fashion Media Group and Zero Research Consulting Group jointly launched a report on "China Urban Residents Fashion Index Research". According to the report, among the middle- and high-income residents of China's 10 large and medium-sized cities, 39.2% of them will buy clothing every month or so, and the fashion purchased in the next year will be reduced to about 10% in the next year. It has become a prominent feature of current Chinese fashion. Chen Weiwen, business director of WGSN Greater China, said: "In addition to ZARA and H&M, more and more domestic and foreign apparel companies are following the pace of fast fashion. Consumers are spoiled and return to the previous model. It is possible, and many industries are moving in this direction..
Global fast fashion brands are beginning to focus on China. On May 15, 2010, UNIQLO Uniqlo Shanghai World Flagship Store was unveiled. This is not only the fourth global flagship store of UNIQLO after New York, London and Paris, but also a large flagship store of UNIQLO and a global flagship store in Asia. Then on May 20th, 2010, H&M Guangzhou Zhonghua Plaza opened, just like the overwhelming billboard said, “We are finally here!” The promotion slogan expresses the long-awaited view of this market and proves that the era of China's fast fashion has arrived.
Chinese businessmen with a sharp business vision have already discovered this treasure. With domestic UR, McCawlin and other brands emerging in the fast-growing brand of Nuggets apparel, UQ is also targeting the "virgin" of fast fashion bags.
UQ takes the lead in introducing "fast fashion" mode into China's luggage retail industry
In recent years, the development trend of luggage has been relatively rapid. At present, according to the statistics of the famous department: China's packaging consumption is rising by 33% every year. In the past 2005, the value of production created was more than 230 billion yuan. In the next year, China digested 12.6 billion bags, and the total market volume increased rapidly. China has become a good consumer of packaging in the world for 12 consecutive years. Luggage is gradually becoming one of the industries with potential for development after the clothing and footwear industry.
As the concept of global consumption matures, the pace of fashion change is getting faster and faster. Consumers are constantly improving the quality, style, color and price of their bags. A variety of bags have become an indispensable fashion wear accessory, but in China, even in the fashion frontiers of Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, the proportion of clothing, shoes, bags and stores is only 50: 5:1; In the first-tier cities of Europe where the fashion industry is developed, the ratio of clothing stores, shoe stores and luggage handbags stores is about 2:1:1, and second-tier cities generally reach 4:2:1. The comparison of these two ratios illustrates the huge market potential of the developing Chinese luggage market.
UQ, a global fast fashion, has keenly discovered the great potential of the Chinese luggage market. It is the first to introduce a new concept of “fast fashion” in the luggage industry, to make ZARA in the Chinese luggage industry as the development direction, and to bring the market with great market potential. The combination of the “fast fashion” model of wealth creation provides a powerful ignition point for the wealth nuclear fission of the Chinese fashion luggage industry. The “fast fashion” advocated by UQ can be understood as “fast fashion, quick response, fast update”. It is to provide value-for-money fashion elements at a very affordable price: newer trends, rare quantities, and excellent quality. #p#副标题#e#
In addition to the theme development of the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, UQ has at least five new products per month to meet the needs of consumption. At the same time, UQ adopts the “fast and small management” mode, and the inventory quantity of a single item is much lower than that of the traditional luggage industry. At the same time, the demand for scarce products is artificially reduced while reducing the inventory pressure of the dealers, so that consumers can follow the UQ bag style update. The rhythm creates greater profit margins. The rapid launch of the new model is one of the main reasons for catching consumers.
For those young people who love UQ, UQ's quick response mechanism is to attract customers' hotspots. UQ quickly captures the latest fashion information and luggage trends through the buyer team and excellent designers, and feedback in the first time. Summarize and analyze the international trends that are popular in the season. Whether it's Paris, New York or South Korea, Japan, countless catwalks, and then use a variety of colorful and visually strong colors to appear at your side faster and at a lower price.
This is also the way UQ can always be at the forefront of fashion, and it can create a super fashion guarantee for most young people. The bright colors, novel styles and unique displays attract people to stop. In the grasp of international fashion, UQ cooperates with the International Fashion Color Association on the one hand, and cooperates with fashion media on the other hand, and keeps going in two directions, organically synthesizing the popular elements of this year!
Innovation is the root of a brand's survival and development. Only innovation can be based on this unpredictable market, and only innovation can win customers' loyalty and love. UQ's style is different, these young states are expressed in the use of colorful colors, the diversification of fabrics is enabled, passionate and full of vitality, internationalization and fashion. According to the change of consumer taste, the material of global fast fashion bag UQ is more diversified. The texture of PU, polyester, canvas, cotton and linen are at the same time. In the era of more and more advertised personality, simple and retro styles are also from different sides. Catering to the needs of fashion people to promote individuality, these positioning is consistent with UQ's 18-35 customer base. With the 80s becoming the mainstream of consumption, their demand is affecting the market changes. UQ follows 80 and 90. Demand 'pulse', as soon as it entered the market, immediately caused the "butterfly effect" of the terminal, and scored a perfect score with amazing performance.
The slogan of “smashing, vitality and freshness” has been appearing in major media recently. This is the voice of UQ “fast fashion”. If the H&M brand is already a rocket in orbit, then UQ is the rocket that is moving away from gravity. "As a brand that eats crabs in the mouth of the luggage, UQ has made "fast fashion" high quality and created a miracle in the luggage industry.