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2019/01/19 16:18
The development speed of e-commerce economy is like the speed of rockets, which stimulates the nerves of manufacturers. Under this background, large-scale comprehensive and professional e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Taobao, HC, Jingdong Mall have risen rapidly and established themselves in the industry. The status of a large number of industry-wide e-commerce platforms has sprung up. In recent years, Internet giants represented by Tencent and Baidu
The development speed of e-commerce economy, such as "rocket speed", stimulates the nerves of manufacturers... In this context, large-scale comprehensive and professional e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Taobao, HC, Jingdong Mall, etc. are rapidly emerging in the industry. It has established its own status, and a large number of industrial e-commerce platforms have sprung up. In recent years, the Internet giants represented by Tencent, Baidu, etc. have also built trading platforms such as “patting nets” and “having ah” based on their huge number of users, and leading enterprises in various physical industries have become famous with their own brands. Ascension, the official e-commerce platform of the company also began to compete.
At present, e-commerce is still booming.
According to the "2010 China E-Commerce Market Data Monitoring Report" released by the China E-Commerce Research Center, the transaction volume of China's e-commerce market in 2010 has reached 4.5 trillion, an increase of 22%. Among them, the total amount of B2B e-commerce transactions reached 3.8 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.8%. Although the growth rate has slowed down, the overall situation has maintained a rapid and stable development; the total scale of online retail market transactions such as B2C and C2C has reached 513.1 billion yuan, an increase of 97.3% over the same period of last year, nearly doubled from 2009, accounting for about 3% of the total retail sales of social goods in the year.
According to statistics, as of 2010, the number of enterprises that have launched e-commerce has reached 25,000. Among them, B2B e-commerce service enterprises reached 9,200, an increase of 21.3%. The number of B2C, C2C and other non-mainstream models has reached 15,800, an increase of 58.6% year-on-year; industry experts expect that the e-commerce sector will maintain steady and rapid growth in the next few years. It can be said that in the current economic background, e-commerce has become an important engine that drives the economic development of the whole society.
The status quo of e-commerce development of local leather enterprises
After decades of rapid development, the domestic leather industry has grown rapidly. A large number of leather enterprises have gone through the stage of capital accumulation, and then turned to the development of brand economy, fashion economy and e-commerce economy. Faced with the huge e-commerce field of market space, all production companies will naturally not be unmoved. Generally speaking, the e-commerce level of leather shoes, luggage and other sub-sectors is relatively high, and the penetration rate of leather and fur products is low. In terms of leather raw and auxiliary materials, due to the particularity of product attributes, most of them take the large-scale, comprehensive and professional e-commerce platform.
Such as Alibaba, HC and industry-sized professional websites, etc.; in the field of finished leather shoes, luggage leather goods, leather clothing, suede clothing, etc., the choice of trading platform is more diverse, except Alibaba, Taobao, HC, Jingdong In addition to large-scale platforms such as shopping malls, local first-line brand companies with strong financial strength and high brand awareness or independently establish their own official shopping websites, such as Belle’s “Amoy Network”, Aokang’s “Aokang Online Mall”, etc.; or Taobao Large-scale integrated shopping platforms such as Taobao Mall, Jingdong Mall, and Letao Online Shoes City have established their own official flagship stores, such as Kangnai, Hung Hom, Wan Li Ma, Spider King, Yierkang, Mulinsen, Shulan and so on. In addition, there are a large number of excellent brand agents in Taobao, Taobao Mall and other shopping platforms to establish online stores or network counters; and for most second- and third-line brands and most brands of low-profile leather companies, in addition to In addition to the traditional channels of the third and fourth-tier markets, the e-commerce road has basically taken the route of large circulation sales through platforms such as Alibaba and HC.
"From the perspective of the whole industry, the proportion of domestic leather-based enterprises in e-commerce and e-commerce operations is still low. Only a few large-scale brand enterprises have actually launched e-commerce business, but their breadth and Depth remains to be tapped.
Due to the low barriers to entry in the industry, the level of comprehensive strength of enterprises is uneven. Most of them are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the constraints of their own vision, capital, technology, talents and brands, they are not in the field of e-commerce. Being powerless is the lack of understanding, and the area of ​​competition is mainly targeted at the physical sales market. An industry insider said to reporters.
Future leather e-commerce development trend
"In the long run, leather companies will take the road of e-commerce, which will be a development trend. But from the current stage, traditional sales channels will still dominate. First, the sales and brand image of most leather manufacturers. The establishment of the traditional channel is still the main, and the second is that the e-commerce channel itself still has major limitations. For example, shoes and leather products can't be experienced on the Internet. In a physical store, whether a product is in line with the scene can be It was verified. Wang Jianxin, chairman of the Guangdong Leather Association, told reporters that he believes that there will be no problem of who will replace the traditional channels and e-commerce channels in the future, and may be balanced.
What is the future of e-commerce in leather companies? What is its development trend? In this regard, Liu Tuo, a senior marketing consultant of Shanghai Jinshi Consulting Management Co., believes that the future of e-commerce for leather enterprises will develop in the following directions.
First of all, the trend of platformization will become more and more obvious, and a large-scale leather product shopping mall with a complete range will continue to emerge. This type of trading platform will rely on its own perfect functions to gather most of the best leather products brands at home and abroad. These brands are authorized by the manufacturers, 100% authentic guarantee, free distribution in logistics, free return, can give consumption Provide a great shopping experience.
Second, brand marketing will enter the experience marketing stage of interacting with consumers. The brand marketing interaction at this stage is reflected in two aspects. First, the product brand itself must interact with the consumer's marketing to achieve the effects of online and offline linkage and cross-media linkage, such as Aokang's “Kanglong brand and Hunan Satellite TV Happy Family”. "Signing up" and "purchasing Aokang shoes have the opportunity to get the tickets for the scenes of If You Are the One", relying on Hunan Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV's high popularity and attention to enhance the brand image, and then drive the sales of products; Second, the trading platform and consumers Interaction, such as "Happy Amoy Happy" network, using 3D mode to imitate real business scenes, consumers can buy and try clothes, shoes and other goods without leaving home, the combination of this new technology and fashion products will bring to consumers A refreshing experience
Third, whether it is a brand enterprise or a trading platform, word-of-mouth marketing will be an important aspect that needs to be emphasized in the future. At present, the main purpose of many domestic brand enterprises in brand marketing is to drive sales through a large number of advertisements. When consumers recommend products to their relatives and friends, they only have the impression of advertising, lacking the highlights and basis of the product itself. Leather companies can not only be limited to selling products through Internet channels, but also can develop in the depth field of brand concept promotion, corporate culture communication, value concept promotion, creative design collection, and public welfare activities.