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China's women's handbag market demand will be further expanded

2018/12/28 16:50
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards have also been continuously improved. With the economic foundation of love beauty, having a beloved fashion trend bag is no longer a dream. With China's reform and opening up, What people are pursuing is no longer the traditional lifestyle that has been unchanged in the past. Some classical cultural characteristics of the West have also been introduced to China, which has brought a fashion trend change to the Chinese women's handbag market. With the entry of some internationally renowned luxury brand handbags (such as LV, Gucci, Gucci, Mickey, Prada, Chanel and other international brands) into the Chinese women's handbag market, people's aesthetics have also changed, but also to domestic women. The brand and the domestic women's bag market have brought a thriving scene.
From the year to the year, China's women's handbag industry maintained a high-speed growth trend, and its compound annual growth rate of output value reached 16%. The future development of the women's handbag market is huge.
According to analysts from Shangpu Consulting, China's light leather processing ranks first in the world. The export value of leather products has been ranked among the best in light industry for many years. China is increasingly becoming the processing and production base of international brand leather goods, and the production process has fully reached the international advanced level. After decades of rapid development, leather products are extremely rich. At the same time, China is also a big country in the production of luggage. It has formed Huadu in Guangdong and Quanzhou in Fujian.
There is a huge demand space in the international luggage market, which directly promotes the export growth of China's luggage products, making the export of bags and bags a stable growth trend. China's luggage enterprises should continuously improve their independent research and development capabilities and technical equipment level, enhance their marketing capabilities, expand export channels, further accelerate the pace of going global, and gradually realize the transformation from product output to capital output and brand output, and create a batch of domestic A well-known brand that is well-known outside the country, enhancing the international competitiveness of its products. China's luggage market has always been dominated by exports, and the domestic market demand is relatively small. However, in the face of the new economic environment, this situation may be adjusted in the future.
With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption levels, a variety of bags have become an indispensable accessory for people. People demand that luggage products not only be enhanced in practicality, but also in decorative. China's economic level and per capita income are getting higher and higher, and the consumption power closely related to it will also increase. China's package consumption is increasing at a rate of 29% per year, and the total market is rapidly increasing. Bags and bags are becoming one of the industries with potential for development after the clothing and footwear industry. The domestic bag market demand growth will accelerate and the market prospect is broad.
According to the “Investigation and Prospect Forecast Report of China Women's Bag Industry” released by Shangpu Consulting Industry Investment Decision Network, in the context of China's rapid economic development and increasing income of residents, women's bag consumption is expected to reach a new level. According to their own personal style and different social occasions, choose the appropriate women's bags, and constantly add new products according to the changes of the trend, this consumption habit has gradually become the consensus of modern urban women's life, the consumption potential of the women's bag market is huge.