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2018/12/28 16:49
A leather bag is a handbag made of leather and is a daily necessities. Zhang Binglin's "New Dialects and Releases": "The skin can be held by a leather bag." The bag has a beautiful appearance, is well managed, does not become hard and brittle, and has the advantages of rich colors and various patterns. The bag is a bag of leather or artificial leather. The leather bag is more expensive, mainly with money bags, briefcases, book bags, etc.; according to the gender of the user, men's bags and women's bags can be divided. The size of the bag is generally small, mainly for more expensive things. The wrap angle is easily damaged, and the colorless nail polish is applied here to prevent the bag from being scratched and deformed.
Because modern people are paying more and more attention to matching leather bags. Bag designers are constantly innovating, making a variety of new materials continue to be applied to the production of leather bags. Although the different styles of the various handbags are different and different materials are used, we can see that the main materials are: natural leather, synthetic leather, plastic, cloth, animal fur, etc. The leather material with a large production and wide application is cow leather. The cow leather is durable, and it should be the first to push cows made from two to three years old, but it is also a high-grade product that is easily damaged. Others such as pigskin, goatskin, snakeskin, crocodile skin are also very durable. Of course, the emergence of man-made materials has largely filled the gaps in natural materials and brought more inspiration to designers.