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Misconceptions when choosing leather goods to join the brand

2018/12/28 16:47
In a commercial street, some shops are attached to the notice of the transfer of Wangpu, and some shops are lined up in front of the door. Joining the store, some people are prosperous and some are running down. So how can leather care join to avoid risks? When choosing a leather care brand, you should abandon some traditional misconceptions.
First, the less the initial fee, the better
The leather care industry is becoming more and more mature at the same time of rapid development. Only the brands with accurate market positioning, fair fees and customers' trust can make leather care franchisees operate smoothly and enjoy rich profits forever. On the other hand, if the brand only blindly fights the price war, and at the same time, the support provided to the franchisees is greatly reduced due to the low initial fee. Due to the lack of important franchise support, the profit margin of the franchise stores will shrink and will face more. More business problems.
Second, the more franchisees, the better
Often the more franchisees, the more the brand headquarters company can not fully consider each individual. After all, the headquarters company's energy and resources are limited, and the resources and support that can be allocated to each franchise store are limited. Don't think about what you can get.
Some brands also turned a blind eye to the issues raised by franchisees, causing problems to be resolved in a timely manner. In addition, one business method may be suitable for one place, and the other area may be unacceptable. When the number of franchisees is large, the headquarters company cannot make targeted professional services. In the long run, the relationship between the two parties is loose. Lack of trust between each other, franchisees will face the lack of support from the headquarters company, independent support.
Third, the leather care brand in non-developed areas should not choose.
Some franchisees believe that the eastern coastal areas and developed areas have faster information and more advanced technology. In fact, a high-speed developed network will allow new information to be released to every corner of the globe. Compared with the region, it is more important whether the brand's technology is practical and effective, whether it can provide better support for franchisees, and whether there is a national development strategy. Only the headquarters company with such a concept is the right choice for franchisees..
Fourth, the bigger the scale, the more secure
In modern society, consumer consumption is not only in consumer products, but also in consumer brands. If a company does everything, for example, a company that does both leather care and dry cleaning, as well as luxury goods purchase, consignment, etc., whether each of these projects is done very well, it is worthy of the franchisees to seriously think, in fact, as long as With a comprehensive franchise management system, it is not necessary to have a large or complete brand.
5. The more award-winning brands, the better.
Some merchants naively believe that the more brands win, the more powerful they are. In fact, many people in the industry understand that many awards are not worth much. They are purely used to perfuse consumers, as long as they are willing to pay for it. An award is not difficult in the industry.
6. As long as the store is good, marketing promotion is not important.
Some people think that they have a good location and a good store. If you join a brand at will, you can get rich returns. This "only" theory is undoubtedly very dangerous. In the current fierce market competition, Lack of brand strong marketing support, lack of scientific marketing guidance, franchisees to open up the market is undoubtedly difficult, in fact, the company gives a large number of training to franchisees, from basic staff skills to store promotion guidance, as well as professional sales knowledge training is to obtain The premise of interest, franchisees can make a profit, such training will help improve the loyalty and sales level of franchisees. Feisri, a high-end brand in the leather care industry, pays great attention to the network promotion training for franchisees.
Seven, mercenary is a picture, illegally profit
There are many such illegal brand companies in the market. They look at which projects are hot, and they are packaged into such a brand. They promote the promotion project and attract people from all over the country to join. After collecting the franchise fee, the company will soon disappear. Can not find the person in charge. I once learned about a brand on the Internet, called elegant leather care. After discovering their abnormalities, I tried to hit most of the phones on the Internet. It was not shut down or not. This brand company can imagine. This kind of dishonest behavior will eventually be seen by more and more rational consumers. This dishonest business will eventually be abandoned by the regulated and orderly market.
There are many brands of leather care products in the market, and advertisements are also written in a hype. Entrepreneurs should consider all aspects of factors objectively and calmly, abandon the concept of old mistakes, and choose a brand with strong ideas and strong sense of social responsibility. Only in this way can we avoid mistakes and make correct leather care franchise decisions to operate successfully.