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How to do a good job in the display of leather goods stores

2018/12/28 16:46
Commodity display covers a wide range of subject knowledge such as visual arts, psychology, marketing, etc. Through the scientific planning of products, windows, shelves, models, lighting, music, POP posters, and passages, it can promote product sales and enhance brand image. purpose. It creates an atmosphere that expresses a distinct theme through a good display, adding value to the product. Good merchandise display allows consumers to enjoy the beauty while willingly paying for goods and subtly forming a consumer trend.
Commodity display is an important means of displaying product image and attracting customers' attention. Especially after major changes in the retail industry, consumers are choosing to purchase independently. Effective product display has become one of the important factors affecting customers' purchasing behavior. How should the bag of the leather goods store be displayed, and what aspects should be paid attention to in order to make the customer want to buy? Scientific aesthetic vision and ingenious merchandise display can make the bag life-rich, radiant, and attract consumers' "eyeballs", thus promoting the sales of bags and the increase of store turnover. The handmade leather goods brand Cao Caotang shares with you the seven precautions of the bag display.
1 Make full use of the exhibition space of the store, and play its great effect and charm. Don't let the store appear hollow or lack of supply, so as to avoid competitors taking advantage of it.
2 Display all the styles of the bag, so that consumers can choose according to their own needs, to avoid consumers to buy competitive brand products because they did not see the applicable style at that time. If the shelf area is limited and the merchandise cannot be displayed to a large extent, the goods with a faster turning speed should be considered.
The 3 series bags are displayed in a concentrated manner to reflect the excellent display effect of the series bags, thus attracting customers' attention and stimulating their impulse consumption. In addition, through the concentrated display, it creates an imposing manner, which makes the strong products in the series drive the sales of weak products, and indirectly drives the overall sales of the stores.
4 Display by product color, color is one of the important factors that constitute visual beauty. Each color corresponds to the corresponding psychological feelings, such as warm red, orange, yellow can give people a warm, comfortable feeling; cold blue, purple can give people a calm, elegant feeling. When the product is displayed, the overall color of the product can be created to create a three-dimensional impact to affect the customer's purchasing decision. For example, brightly colored items are placed in the front, and dark-colored items are placed in the rear.
5 Strive for a more crowded display position. Master the customer's mobile route, place the product as far as possible in the end frame where the consumer walks frequently, near the corner of the entrance. In general, the more people see the bag, the greater the probability that the bag will be purchased.
6 put the bag in the shelf position that the customer can raise. A display position that is too high or too low will cause an obstacle to purchase. Try to place the goods in a position parallel to their line of sight and reachable in accordance with the height of the consumer. That is to say, the height of the display should be determined by the target consumers to facilitate their purchase.
7 Maintain the value of the bag. In the process of displaying goods, in addition to keeping the bag itself clean, it is necessary to replace the damaged products and defective products in the bag in time. If there are unsalable products, you should try to deal with them as soon as possible. It is also the basic way to maintain the value of the bag. In general, it is to make the bag face the consumer with a good appearance (tidy, clean, fresh) to maintain the product's own value.